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Title: Healthy Lifestyle Education from Halal Nutraceutical Concept
Authors: Abdul Aziz Mohamad 
Ahmad Syukran Baharuddin 
Aminuddin Ruskam 
Keywords: Halal Nutraceutical, Healthy life education, Medicine of the Prophet
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Penerbit UTM Press
Journal: UMRAN International Journal of Islamic and Civilizational Studies 
The world is witnessing a return to what is natural, both environmentally and back to fitrah, our innate nature. This does not apply to food, and cosmetic sector only, but also the health and nutraceutical sectors. One of the evidences is the fastest growing sectors in the global personal care market and nutraceutical market as dictated by consumer lifestyle and awareness. This article aims to explore on the healthy lifestyle education contained in nutraceutical concept based on Islamic perspectives. This study used document analysis on primary and secondary documents as methodological approach. This study found that Arab-Islamic medicine or Greco-Arab refers to medicine developed in the Golden Age of the Islamic Civilization. It is extended from Spain in the west to Central Asia and India in the East. 'Prophetic Medicine' although popular amongst the masses of Muslims because of its doctrinal and theological contents was considered by most Muslim historians and physicians as distinct from scientific and analytical Islamic Medicine. Medicine of the Prophet is a combination of religious and medical information, providing advice and guidance on the two aims of medicine. First the preservation of health and second the restoration of health based on the Qur'anic guidance and the Prophetic traditions.
Volume: 5 No:1
ISSN: 2289-8204
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