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Title: Review: The Effectivity of Awareness Campaigns of Breast Cancer from 2007 – 2011 in Increasing the Survival Rates of Breast Cancer Patients in Malaysia
Authors: Siti NurBaitee binti Elias 
Wiaamul Adnin binti Edzwady Sham 
`Aisyah Syafiqah binti Suhaimi 
Amira Batrisyia binti Amiruddin 
Hasya Faqeha binti Hasal Masri 
Nurul Farhah binti Hamidi 
Keywords: Breast cancer, survival rates, awareness campaigns, screening methods.
Issue Date: 29-Nov-2022
Publisher: Kolej Genius Insan, USIM
Conference: E-Proceedings 3rd Insan Junior Researchers International Conference 2022 (iJURECON 2022) 
This research examines the effectiveness of the breast cancer awareness campaign conducted throughout Malaysia in increasing the survival rate of cancer patients from 2007 to 2011. This campaign provides awareness to women to perform breast cancer early detection screening. This early detection screening is divided into three types which are Breast Self-Examination (BSE), Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) and Mammography Screening. BSE is a screening method used to detect breast abnormalities by the individual herself. This method is an approach to detect swelling or lumps in the breast. CBE is a clinical breast examination performed by a professional doctor in this field to identify abnormalities and early signs of cancer cell growth in the breast area. Finally, Mammogram Screening is a method used to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage, when the cancer cells are still small even before the lump can be detected. At this stage, cancer is easier to treat. The implementation of campaigns throughout the country increased the percentage of people who did the screening to detect the growth of cancer cells at an early stage. This campaign also provides information and a deeper understanding regarding health and daily practices for breast cancer patients in practicing a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the survival rate of cancer patients is higher because patients are able to receive treatment earlier. The design of this study is a qualitative study. The methodology used is a literature review and also an analysis of cancer patient survival rate statistics from 2007 to 2011.
E-Proceedings 3rd Insan Junior Researchers International Conference 2022 (iJURECON 2022) : "STREAM for a better future”/Editors: Rahayu Ahmad, Muhammad Azan Tamar Jaya, Ahmad Fuad Mohamad Amin, Nur Aisyah Mohamed, Nur Fatin Fathillah Mazlan.
21-23rd October 2022 (Virtual Conference)
Organized By : Kolej Genius Insan,USIM
ISBN: e-ISBN: 9786299766711
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