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Title: ظاهرة الحذف عند ابن الشجري في كتابه " الأمالي" دراسة نحوية تحليلية
Authors: Jehad Muhammad Ramadhan Alhennawi 
Keywords: Arabic language -- Grammar;nahu Arab
Issue Date: Oct-2020
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
One of the essential Arabic features is the ellipsis. It is a sign and character of the eloquence and rhetoric of Arabic. Many of books have a great deal of examples that present this linguistic phenomenon. Mahmmood Al Tinaji who is the reviser of the book of” Al Amali” has mentioned that Ibin Al Shajari was the pioneer of the grammarians who enriched their books with all the types of ellipsis and provided special chapters , almost three hundred pages to represent this phenomenon. Al Tiniji has recommended that the ellipsis is deserved to be studied specially from the book of Al Amali which is deemed as the real emergence of the applied and educational grammar. Therefore, this recommendation was a great motivation for the researcher to deal with the ellipsis phenomenon from the book of ‘Al Amali’ which will provide useful results for those who study the current Arabic. This research aims to highlight the ellipsis phenomenon from the book of ‘Al Amali’ and tackles it syntactically and to trace of the contemporary grammarians of Ibn al-Shajri, in order to know their opinions about this phenomenon and how they dealt with it, and then to explain Ibn al-Shajri ‘s approach in terms of ellipsis and standing on the initial starting of the educational and practical grammar. To identify a comprehensive and profound view of the book of Al Amali that will benefit the learners of contemporary Arabic. The descriptive and analytical approach is used in this study. The samples were chosen based on scientific principles and theories. The research depends on the theory of origin and branch. The researcher 's method of analyzing samples is by collecting evidence and examples of ellipsis in the book of Al Amali and tabulating and analyzing them grammatically, and explaining Ibn Al-Shajri’s approach in terms of dealing with these evidences and examples , and comparing his opinion with the current scholars and with his contemporary grammarians’ points of view and forming a full view of the phenomenon of ellipsis in the book of Al Amali’ and its impact on linguistic studies in Arabic sciences. The most important outcomes of this study is that Ibn al-Shajri was the first scholar who dealt with the types of ellipsis in successive chapters as well as the book of Al Amali is a precious treasure in which Ibn al-Shajri paid more attention and provided abundance of evidences and examples of poetry which reached more than thousand and one hundred and no one preceded him in this work. The outcome showed also that Ibn Al-Shajri is considered the first teacher of educational grammar since he used many educational strategies such as recall and retrieve and others. Thus, the book of Al Amali is considered the fertile nucleus and the true beginning of the applied educational grammar.
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