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Title: Need For Establishing Dialysis Centre Through Waqf Arrangement: A Brief Case Study Of Wakaf An-Nur, Perbadanan Wakaf Negeri Sembilan Sendirian Berhad
Authors: Muhammad Ridhwan Ab. Aziz 
Keywords: Waqf, Cash Waqf, Islamic Social Finance, Wakaf An-Nur, Perbadanan Wakaf Negeri Sembilan Sendirian Berhad
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Disc International
Journal: Journal of Creative Writing 
Waqf is one of the most effective instruments for promoting and enhancing the economic, educational, health, religious and social developments of the Muslim ummah whilst sustaining their faith and spiritual strength to face the current challenges. In addition, waqf is an important component of the Islamic economic instruments which is firmly believed, can solve the socio-economic problem especially in helping poor Muslim and as a strategy for poverty alleviation program. This case was written for the purpose of exposing the readers on the benefit of waqf projects for the selected individual and Muslim Ummah. The purpose is not to show any weaknesses nor to exhibit the incompetency of the named officers, but just to provide a basis for discussion.
Volume: 3 No: 1
ISSN: 2410-6259
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