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Title: POP MUNGIL (Paper Soap from Mangosteen Peel Extract): An Innovation of Soap to Avoid COVID-19 using Saponification Process
Authors: Ardhe Lia Putri Maharani 
Cantika Imarsa Muzhaffira 
Siti Nabilah Daniswara 
Yuniar Wijayanti Wikaton 
Keywords: COVID-19, paper soap, mangosteen peel, saponification
Issue Date: 29-Nov-2022
Publisher: Kolej Genius Insan, USIM
Conference: E-Proceedings 3rd Insan Junior Researchers International Conference 2022 (iJURECON 2022) 
Covid-19 becomes a global disease that can change many dimensions of human life. In 2022, according to the data from World Health Organization (WHO), the number of covid-19 cases in Indonesia is 6.19 million people. One impact from this case is the change of Indonesia into a new normal era. The existence of a new normal leads to a new obligatory habit which is washing hands. Whereas Rasulullah decreed to wash our hands after waking up from sleep as narrated by Muslim. Using soap and water while washing our hands is the effective technique or method to kill germs. The purpose of this research is to make innovations from basic soap into organic paper soap. This innovation is expected to be an effort to make it easier for people to use soap. Mangosteen peel contains antibacterial substances such as xanthone, tannin, and flavonoid which is 95% effective in inhibiting bacterial growth. Based on the data of Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia, it mentioned that 57% of Indonesia waste is organic waste. Therefore, this research can also reduce the amount of organic waste which is the mangosteen peel into innovated paper soap using saponification reaction.
E-Proceedings 3rd Insan Junior Researchers International Conference 2022 (iJURECON 2022) : "STREAM for a better future”/Editors: Rahayu Ahmad, Muhammad Azan Tamar Jaya, Ahmad Fuad Mohamad Amin, Nur Aisyah Mohamed, Nur Fatin Fathillah Mazlan.
21-23rd October 2022 (Virtual Conference)
Organized By : Kolej Genius Insan,USIM
ISBN: e-ISBN: 9786299766711
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