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Title: أثر كفاءة الموارد البشرية الريادية على معدلات الأداء : تحليل دور الوسيط جودة الخدمات المصرفية الاء سلامية دراسة تطبيقية على مصرف الجمهورية بليبيا
Authors: Nasser Muhammad Abdallah Anwiri 
Keywords: Human resource management;Islamic banking;Leadership
Issue Date: Nov-2020
This study aims to measure the impact of entrepreneurial human resources on performance rates, by examining the role of the mediator quality in Islamic services at The Jumhuriya Bank , and emphasize the problem of the study of low-performance rates and low quality of Islamic services and products, due to the differences in knowledge, experience and leadership skills of current human resources. The quantitative approach was used by relying on statistical methods to verify the reliability of the study factors and to utilise the questionnaire methodology as a tool for collecting and analysing data in the study community. It has been shown that there is a direct impact on the efficiency of leading human resources (positive relationship) on the efficiency of banking performance. Also, there is a positive statistically significant effect of leading human resources on the quality of the Islamic banking services provision. Measuring the indirect relationship of the leading human resources efficiency on the efficiency of the banking performance with the presence of the mediator variable found that the quality of the provision of Islamic services and products plays an important role as a partial intermediate variable in the type of relationship between them. This in addition to the nature of the relationship between all the studied variables (leading human resources, performance rates and the quality of Islamic services and products provision) and determine which are the most impact on each other, The study found that there is a decrease and weakness in the efficiency of the current human resources, especially the leading ones, which should enable the bank to improve the level of its management and competitiveness, and that there is a gap in between the bank's planning directions to develop leading human resources , and what is required by the Islamic banking industry to achieve excellence in performance. There was a need to identify permanent strategies for the provision of banking services in accordance with Islamic law, The study recommended the management of the bank sought to develop clear policies in the selection and qualification of human resources, especially leadership, in a way that helps them to continue and succeed in the light of the size of the competition, and increase disinterest in strategic planning of human resources management to bridge the gap between the planning pathways of human resources development and its needs of leading human resources, work on the availability of leading human resources suitable for their needs as well as qualitative, and benefit from the experiences of other Islamic banks in neighboring countries and Islamic countries, and the central bank management should provide the necessary support and establish support facilities. Islamic banks to help the bank to rehabilitate and train the current leadership human resources in accordance with the requirements of the Islamic banking system.
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