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Title: فعالية استخدام المسرحية في تعليم الضمائر المنفصلة للصف الرابع في مدرسة تونكو زينون الابتدائية الوطنية
Authors: Rusminah Abu Hassan 
Keywords: Arabic language--Grammar;Arabic philology--Study and teaching--Malaysia
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
This is a scientific study that uses theater in teaching dhomir munfasil. This study aims to determine differences in the usage of traditional method and teaching theater in dhomir. Then the study analyzes the differences between the two methods and assess the effectiveness of theater techniques in teaching dhomir munfasil. The researcher used experimental study design and analyze quantitative data derived from 60 pupils who were divided them into two groups, the treatment group and the control group. Researcher teach both groups, the treatment group by means of drama theater and the control group through traditional method. Researcher analyzed the data using SPSS. The findings show that there is a difference between the percentage use of the traditional method and drama theater in teaching. The test results showed the effectiveness of the drama theater in the teaching process. This study suggests methods to be used to improve the level of students in the usage of dhomir munfasil and to overcome the weaknesses of the students in acquiring the language, thus motivate them to speak Arabic during the process of teaching and learning.
Thesis (M.A)--Faculty of Major Languages Studies, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, 2017
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